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The How To Guide: Lactation Induction

Here’s the rundown on everything I’ve learned so far about stimulating to breastfeed. There may not be a “Breastfeeding for Biological Mommies Expecting Babies via Surrogate – for Dummies” book out there..but I decided to make my own (cliff notes version). I also included my favorite resources for herbs and supplies – happy reading! Stimulating…… Continue reading The How To Guide: Lactation Induction

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I did…what?!

Caution: This post is about my first experience with preparing myself for breastfeeding! Sorry if this is inappropriate for any readers – now is the time to turn back if it’s not your “cup of tea”. 😉 So today was my first “breastfeeding stimulation” experience. My friend/lactation doctor came over this afternoon, equipped with a…… Continue reading I did…what?!