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I am a 30-something-year-old wife, daughter, sister, friend and mother.

I have two babies here with me on earth, and also two very special guardian angels: one named Robert William, our first child, and the second is our “baby A” – who was the fraternal twin (implanted embryo) to Liam.

We lost Robert William in December 2011 after a “one in a million” life-threatening medical crisis when I was just over 16 weeks pregnant. I am now unable to have children but we didn’t let that stop us from achieving our dream of becoming parents. In this blog, our journey from the life-changing loss that redefined the purpose of our lives, to the present day in our family, it is all lovingly shared and dedicated to anyone and everyone who has experienced infertility, pregnancy/baby loss, and now – also to my sister breast cancer warriors & survivors.

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