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Fox Charlotte News – Round 2

We are so grateful for another opportunity to get our story out in the Charlotte community thanks to our friends at the REACH Clinic and Morgan Fogarty @ Fox Charlotte News.

Fox News: Third Party Reproduction with Jamie & Kristen

Click above for the link to the Fox News special featuring Jamie and Kristen, aired on 1/28/13.

Kristen and I (along with Jill) went down to the REACH clinic this afternoon for taping. The story revolves around our progress, the story behind our surrogacy (technically called Gestational Carrying), and our experience with the REACH clinic. I briefly discussed how we (Jake and I) came to the conclusion of selecting my cousin, Kristen, to be our carrier – and also how we selected the REACH clinic as our ART (assisted reproductive technologies) home.

It’s uplifting and encouraging that so many people tell me that our story helps them, even if it is in a small way. “Inspiring”, “admirable”; these terms truly humble me when people talk about this path of my life and my decision to openly share everything.

Thank you, friends both old & new, for your unending support and heartwarming comments. Let’s all cross our fingers and say a little prayer that this helps our foundation finally get off the ground, and maybe even catch the attention of Ellen!! Watch Fox Charlotte tonight at 10:00, or tomorrow morning with Fox News Rising to watch our story. Once it airs, we’ll have a link for the online video.  Here are some peeks behind the camera during our interview!


Lots of Love,


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