A little story called life..

It will all make sense, one day.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails, to the foundation, regarding help with IVF. Lots of heartbreaking and unfair stories about infertility and lost hope; it some times keeps me up at night. Even once the government approves our application to be non-profit, we can’t feasibly help everyone, and that kills me.

I read through some of the stories and feel a strong sense of familiarity – some of these women writing me have been through much more tragedy than I experienced (and yes, I truly feel that way). I can’t imagine having kept my optimism and “sunny outlook” on life after multiple miscarriages or even a later-term loss. I’m sure there’s some way it would happen (because I have that kind of faith), but presently I just can’t fathom that kind of pain. My heart breaks for those couples but it also gives me motivation to keep on pushing with RWF to get it where we need it to be in order to begin giving back.

We are close, my friends! Jake and I are officially assigning board members/officers this month. We want everything nice and orderly before Liam arrives so that we can delegate duties and planning. We promised when we lost Robert William that this foundation would live on to memorialize him, and that’s what we meant. It took longer than we thought, but I guess that’s the rose colored glasses of ignorance when it comes to a start up foundation! People truly don’t realize what it takes to get something like this growing (in a healthy way for longevity and not just eager rise-and-fall organization) : the money, the time, the patience, the determination, and the help/volunteers.

Until then I hope that people who follow this blog and our website continue to have faith. I am not one to stand before you and say “everything happens for a reason” or “it’s just not meant to be right now”, because I know that’s crap. That’s not what you want to hear when you’re ready to be parents, or when you’ve been ready and have experienced loss and disappointment for any period of time. However, I do strongly agree with one sentiment:

One day the pain will subside and everything that never made sense, will.


Hugs as always,

((playing around with signatures for the blog))
((playing around with signatures for the blog))

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