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Putting it out there, universe.

Here are some things I still need help with/contacts for. If you have any info or ideas of who I could contact (6 degrees of separation, people!) please email me –


Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Website Design (custom/professional for both RWF & my blog)
  • Literary Agent (for my book – I have some leads but nothing solidified)
  • Contacts for shows – Ellen, ABC, Today Show, etc!

Also, we are filing for our non-profit status this month so any/all donations from here out will be (drum roll)…TAX DEDUCTIBLE! The IRS will back-date our approval date to the date we applied for 501 (c)(3), so we need to start getting contacts for events and products –

  • T-Shirts (both the shirts & screen printing) for us and our March of Dimes team
  • Venues and merchants (catering? prizes? decorations? DJ?) for our next event
  • Companies who would be interested in donating to a TAX DEDUCTIBLE and LOCAL charity 😉            (ahem: Lowe’s Corp., locally owned businesses, etc).

It would greatly help us also if you could share this post link on your favorite social media outlet (or all of them!) to help us get the most exposure possible.

Let’s get this rolling, y’all! We have work to do and lives to change, and it’s not gonna happen without hard work and help from everyone! Be part of the RWF team – We Heart Babies!

Hugs & Thanks

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((soon to be digitized!))

3 thoughts on “Putting it out there, universe.

  1. It may make more sense to work with someone locally, but I’m Krista’s little internet pal & I do webdesign pro-style. If you don’t have anyone else, I’d be help.

  2. Hi Jamie! I’m a friend of Kristen’s and have been following your journey since the beginning. I have a blog and I am involved with several other bloggers all over on various projects. If you are interested, I would love to have you guest post on my blog with your plea for help on the items you need for RWF. I can get it out to other bloggers and hopefully find someone that can help and/or support your foundation.

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