The Breastfeeding Chronicles

The Dairy Fairy

Networking is a beautiful thing; virtually or otherwise.

Recently I met a wonderful woman, via internet connections, who is starting a company & has invented a new product (this nursing bra, pictured below). I am so excited to hopefully partner with breastfeeding sources for BFI (breastfeeding induction) for bio/surro mommies like myself – and this is the beautiful beginning. PLEASE visit her Kick Starter page and help if you are able. Spread the word about her wonderful product!

There are some wonderful partnerships and potential media/print opportunities for me coming very soon – but I can’t accept help if these others have not been helped as well. That’s how it works – right?! Karma!

This bra is gorgeous - and oh so functional.
This bra is gorgeous – and oh so functional.

A little about the product: the Arden Bra is a nursing bra that offers hands-free pumping (yeah!!!) and adjusts with your growing (and then..shrinking?) breast size throughout breastfeeding. Incredible! I haven’t bought any nursing bras yet for this exact reason. It’s so hard to guesstimate how much your body will grow through this process, but a product like this is exactly what mommies like me need.

Bonus to supporting the Arden Bra/Dairy Fairy – It’s a small business. Enough said? Support small/local business!! I would much rather purchase a bra from my friend Emily than from Target! Secondly, with each stairstep in donation amounts, free goodies are awarded!

Here’s the Dairy Fairy’s preliminary website (and the link is there for their Kick Starter site).

Milkingly yours, (yeah, I said it!)



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