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Hey, we’re kind of a big deal.

WOW. I wake up this morning and our post on Ellen’s facebook page is at 53,000 likes. AMAZING! It gained 20,000 likes over night.

We have links everywhere to our main website (RWF) and this blog, as well as Kristen’s blog. Here are some photos from our amazing journey: Hope you enjoy them! Please keep sharing our Ellen page here…Thank you for your support and love!!

How can you help?? Drop Ellen a few lines on her website – Why Jamie and Kristen should be on the show!

XOXO – Jamie

2012-06-06 17.16.49
oy! So much blood drawn! But worth it!
My sweet baby boy Liam safe in SurroMomma's belly!
My sweet baby boy Liam safe in SurroMomma’s belly!
My first fertility drug shots. I did it!!
2012-06-06 16.14.42
Kristen’s trial transfer procedure – everything looks great!
2012-06-06 17.23.03
REACH clinic of Charlotte 🙂
2012-07-10 09.37.29
My ovaries were huge, I was ready!
2012-07-14 15.45.14
He is with me – always.
2012-07-19 10.30.53
Getting ready for the transfer! July 2012
2012-07-19 10.33.48
Two embryos we put in. Beautiful!
2012-07-12 09.42.15
Okay! We’re ready!
2012-07-30 12.46.16
We got the call. She’s PREGNANT! July 30 2012
2012-08-20 15.47.13
Proud Mommy, SurroMomma, and Daddy!
2012-08-20 15.58.24
Hello in there! I’m your Mommy!
2012-08-31 11.45.18
Our hero.
2012-08-31 11.45.33
There aren’t enough flowers in the world.
2012-08-31 11.47.35
My parents – soon to be Grampy and Grammy!
2012-10-20 10.05.39
Say hello, Liam!
2012-10-20 10.13.45
Hi everyone!
2012-11-03 23.27.42
Yes indeed, it is a BOY!

2 thoughts on “Hey, we’re kind of a big deal.

  1. New follower here. In tears reading your story. I lost our first at 18 weeks due to pre-term labor and am always so sad to “meet” another momma who has known the pain of losing a child – as well as IF issues. Surrogacy is an amazing thing and I am so excited for you. My wonderful SIL offered to be a surrogate for us, but right before we started looking into the process I got a surprise pregnancy test. (She’s the one who passed along your story to me!). Surrogacy is the most selfless gift and definitely a story that needs to be told. Many prayers for a healthy rest of the pregnancy and I can’t wait to see pictures of you holding your sweet baby boy!!!

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