A little story called life..


ItsaBoyWe’re going to be on Ellen!

Ok maybe not just yet. But I believe in mind over matter!

Please read my blog to learn about my story and help us by liking our photo on Ellen’s facebook page. Share it: Our Post on Ellen’s Page

Here’s the link to our main website and our story: Robert William Foundation

At this rate, we are getting close to 100 likes a minute. Please help us share this!! The one-year anniversary of my tragic story is next week and I would love nothing more than to go on Ellen and tell the world: there is hope!!

Lots of love!!

Jake and I with our hero, Kristen
Jake and I with our hero, Kristen

5 thoughts on “Ellen!!!!

  1. Where on the Ellen page is the picture, we would love to help you guys make this come true. Best wishes to you and your family, God bless.

  2. I love Ellen and hope the word gets out there we need support and help here in North Carolina. Good luck sweetie. Thanks so much for fighting and supporting s all in the situation.

  3. Fantastic what your cousin is doing for you, and you absolutely deserve it; I am very happy for you and I bet you’ll make a fantastic mum. I’m here in the UK and have just finished chemotherapy. I’m 25 and was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year- all good now but no chance of having kids after the treatment, so desperately hoping for an egg donor and surrogate in time.

    Well done trying to get on Ellen; the costs of IVF, surrogacy etc can be astronomical and simply out of many people’s reach.

    All the best

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