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A Living Scrapbook

I texted Kristen about a week ago to ask her how she felt about having a photographer in the room during Liam’s birth. I saw a collection of photos from another bio/surro birth shoot and I was in tears. I have to have those precious, priceless memories.

I didn’t know that Kristen had already partnered with Jill of Jillography as a special gift to me.  Not only does she carry our child, but she also reads my mind! To add to this wonderful surprise, this fabulous photographer works freelance for the New York Times! She will be documenting the rest of our journey – appointments and such, through Liam’s birth. I can’t even describe how excited I am!


I’ve been trying my best to keep up with our journey thus far with my own cell phone/camera pictures and scrapbooking. Well, there is a huge pile of pictures and scrapbooking supplies in our spare bedroom. Until now I haven’t had time to really contemplate organizing and arranging it all. I’ll get right on that..

Our first meeting and documenting experience will be this coming Monday, December 17th at our OB appointment in Charlotte. Yes, I said Charlotte! Kristen is now officially a patient of the OB/GYN surgeon who saved my life last year (who will be delivering Liam -can we say Hallmark movie worthy?!). I am beyond excited and relieved to know that Kristen and Liam will now be in the safest hands in North Carolina. I would know.

And here’s what’s coming…

  • I’ve restarted my writing/blogging with Fertility Authority. Be sure to look for links coming soon!
  • ..one day until the one year anniversary..

I have a very special, emotionally raw, post that I’m saving for Friday. I’ve started writing it but am adding to it every day as different emotions come to me revolving around the year anniversary. If you’ve followed this blog for even just a short time, you probably realize I don’t hold back a whole lot.  I said from the beginning of my writing that I would always be open and honest, so I feel like I would be lying if I delivered a standard “today’s a bad day” post on such a milestone.



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