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It’s time – We’re in the New York Times!

Our story in the New York Times 

Jill's photo of me watching as Liam crowns
Jill’s photo of me watching as Liam crowns

Jill has been documenting our story since December – with the intention to promote the piece to as many media outlets as possible in hopes of grabbing the attention of some heavy-hitting names. Well, she succeeded! The New York Times scooped up our photo-story and announced the exciting news to Jill on Wednesday (5/8).

“I have a Mother’s Day present for you!” She said when I answered her phone call while Jake and I were at lunch with Liam. I thought to myself – this girl is too much! Why is she buying something for me, for Mother’s Day?? “Your story is going to be in the New York Times!!!!!!” she squealed. Had I not been in public, I too would have shrieked with joy! All I could say was “….no way”. It was definitely best-case scenario for the marketing of our story and the foundation, and also for her amazing work.

Here’s Jill’s first pitch of the story on Penn State’s Website with photos that didn’t make it into the NYT article: Special Delivery by Jill Knight

It's a boy! Seeing Liam for the first time via 4D ultrasound.
It’s a boy! Seeing Liam for the first time via 4D ultrasound.

We’ve been preparing ourselves ever since, updating the websites and revamping/refreshing the look and accessibility of our information to better handle the traffic that just might ensue. We’re ready [or so we think] for this to go crazy. We’ve needed a push from a media giant like this to hopefully escalate the foundation’s name and therefor get on with what we have wanted to do for so long – help and give back.

To make it easier for people to see how they can help, we created a Go Fund Me account. It’s on the website and the blogs, since people are more likely to donate if the collection source is more readily available and user friendly.

Here we go, we’re in for the ride so let’s see where this takes us!


2 thoughts on “It’s time – We’re in the New York Times!

  1. Reading the story and seeing your pictures brought tears to my eyes. I can only hope my story gets the happy ending that you have gotten with Liam.

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