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Oh man. When I think about all the good stuff I have to write about, I smile. Life is so amazing right now! We are so happy and so grateful, and I’m finding my rhythm in being a new mom and balancing my old routines and new ones.

Here’s what to expect in my upcoming blog post(s) – there will be a few, but I want to write a rather long “birth story” post that will take precedence. We’ve been asked (repeatedly) several questions lately, either by reporters or friends/followers. I thought I would answer a few of those quickly to shed some light on what you can expect in the upcoming post releases. I thought that little appetizer bits of these posts will cut back on the anxiousness and repeat questions for now 🙂 (they’ll be covered more extensively in the posts, I promise).

1 – What’s next for RWF? We’re working on it. I promise. It’s a lengthy, time consuming, money consuming process – which seems a little ironic. Achieving non-profit status is no walk in the park! But we’ll get there. We are working with several lawyers to make sure we do everything just right, as the government is a little persnickety when it comes to by-laws and paper work (blah blah blah!).

2 – Liam’s here, what now? Yeah, I’m already thinking about baby #2. In our situation, we don’t have the luxury of saying “oh, someday we’ll think about having another baby”. It has to be planned and calculated, because it takes about 6 months to a year of preparation before a [surrogate] pregnancy occurs. I also have several other things I’m focusing on that are occupying any/all spare time I have right now (aside from raising a child).

Such as:

Working on my book (another slow, tedious process)

Becoming a patient – liaison for the hospital (helping with infertile women/child loss – a first for CMC-U and I’m so excited about it!)

Becoming an egg donor (I’ve been on the “waiting list” since before Liam was born, due to the hormone injections of my own IVF, and I think this summer is when it will finally happen)

Breast feeding – essentially, YES, I’m breastfeeding Liam. With some help. (TBA)

Applying for a full time teaching position (what am I thinking? Work full time?! And run all of the above?! That’s how I roll, I guess!)

Sleep. Sometimes I forget that’s necessary.

I think that should cover a few things for now. We have several media updates which I’ve been promoting on Facebook, so be sure to note that we will be in the

following publications/media outlets:

If this doesn't make you smile, what will?
If this doesn’t make you smile, what will?
  • Charlotte Observer – Sunday May 12th – Lake Norman News & Family Section
  • Potentially (waiting for final confirmation) WSOC Channel 9 (local – Charlotte) interview Sunday, May 12th
  • Lake Norman Currents Magazine – June 2013 Edition
  • *A SECRET* media outlet which will be announced separately (believe me, it deserves it’s very own post)
  • – These will be updated on the main page as well as on the main website


Okay, are we good? I can feel the momentum kicking back up and it feels good. It’s going to be an amazing year; you might even say, the year of the Pursley’s — 😉




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