The Breastfeeding Chronicles

Tick Tock

The first month of stimulating to breast feed went pretty well. I was motivated each and every day to pump and take my supplements (and drink that tea) diligently; then all of a sudden, it stopped. Thank goodness it’s part of the process, because I’m pumping now more than I have in the last 4 weeks and it’s only gonna get more intense!

I was put on a duo of birth control (high estrogen) and progesterone to simulate pregnancy hormones. That lasted for a month, and thankfully that month went by fairly quickly. I was told that while on the hormones, my pre-milk would probably dissipate until after the hormones were removed. Of course, as it goes with my body, that’s not what happened. I continued to see some production (still very little) throughout the hormone process, and then suddenly it all stopped a day or two after I finished the meds. Naturally, I panicked, but my lactation consultant assured me that my body was most likely in “post-birth” mode after finishing the hormones and that just as with biological moms, my milk will probably return in a week or two. So now I’m sitting around every 3 hours pumping and popping blessed thistle and fenugreek caps like it’s my job (20 pills a day, to be precise), not to mention knocking back somewhere around 70 oz of water a day (hello, bathroom)…waiting for that liquid gold to return. Have you read many of my posts? I’m only a little stubborn. This will happen – it has to!

So if anyone out there is reading this and going through the same thing, or thinking about taking this route in the surro-bio baby process, just know that you can’t get disheartened. I have no guarantee that milk will come in or that I’ll be able to exclusively breast feed Liam myself, but I know that I’d rather fail giving it everything I’ve got trying than give up and never know if it would have worked.

Here goes nothin’! Only 7 more weeks until Liam’s due date!


Jamie (Signature is coming, I swear!)

3 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. Wow! That is amazing that you can “trick” your body into producing breast milk!
    I am so excited for you Jamie. I love reading all of your posts. Best wishes for all of you!!!!

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