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It’s a….

I barely got it out, but I said it…”Our son”. It felt so good to say those words. In front of around 30 of our family and friends, we shared a very precious moment that I will never forget.

Pink or Blue?

First and foremost, I introduced Kristen to those who haven’t personally met her. I wanted everyone to take the time at the party to hug her, thank her, whatever and however they wanted to let her know how much she is appreciated. It make my whole body fill with love and happiness to see my friends and family surround her the way they did; some of my close friends who haven’t met her were so excited to finally meet this miracle woman.

I had debated for months on how I was going to announce the baby’s gender when the time came. Everyone assumed that I would make a cake – naturally – that would be the assumption as to how I would break the news. With Robert William, I had decided (and planned) to do a balloon release, which was scheduled for just a few days after everything happened that day in December last year. So this time, I decided to go with what I know and just speak from my heart. As I looked into a house completely filled with people I love, I was immediately overwhelmed and awestruck by the intense support system we have. To us, our relationship with Kristen now as our baby carrier has grown naturally; to others, I can tell that they wonder how she plays a part in our not-so-nuclear family. I wanted to make it clear that she is not a walking oven. She is not an incubator or a hired womb – she is so much more. So, in front of all these people that mean so much to us, I introduced – and thanked – her first. The moment was precious and perfect and I wanted to soak it in for the brief treasured minute before the world, these people who are our world, knew our son.

“I would like you all to meet……our son.” That’s all I could say but I knew it was enough. And, I knew that the next part of my announcement would be equally as precious. “But, that’s not all. He’s been named. His name is Liam Jamison Pursley.” I told the brief story of how Jake and I found his name one night flipping through the baby name book. Cliché I know, but it was a God-moment.

Liam’s Story Wall

                        Everyone knows by now that when it comes to us, there is nothing that happens by accident. Browsing through specific letters in the name book, I had a few ideas for names I already liked – C names, J names, and a few others. Stopping in the L’s was coincidence; seeing the name Liam was Divine plan. I knew it the second I saw it and it took my breath away – Liam. Part of William, and it meant “the determined protector”. Robert William’s little brother, a piece of perfection sent down to us from Heaven, I knew Robert had a part in this and I felt overwhelmed by his love and overcome with gratitude. He named him for us and this was how he was telling me.

Not a dry eye in my house, but it was okay this time. So many tears have been shed in the past year by these people who care so much about us. It was time for happy tears and I was so thankful that they were hearing our news first hand. The messages that waited for me on my cell phone continuously reminded me that so many people were anxious to hear the happy news; people on the other side of the country and even in other countries were waiting! Imagine my life mattering to someone over seas- that’s just humbling.

Two girls and two boys in this picture!

Tomorrow we will attend our last routine ultrasound (most likely our last). The anatomy scan is notoriously a long ultrasound and I’m ecstatic to see my – son – even bigger than he was four weeks ago when we found out his gender. The three hour drive to Sumter is a long one, but I will make the trip with a smile on my face knowing it’s the road that takes me to see my baby. These precious moments are not defined by a long drive or taking a half day off work, they’re defined by the privilege of getting to see my healthy baby boy and by the reassurance that everything is fine. Precious moments are the milestones that help us get from one day to the next without losing hope, giving us the strength to not live in the past but to learn and grow from it. I think it’s obvious to state that I would endure much more than a three hour drive to be reassured that Liam is growing strong, but thankfully the drive is a choice that we make based on desire to participate in the appointment and not out of uncertainty or distrust of Kristen’s ability to carry and grow our child.

I almost forgot to mention, it’s a boy. 🙂

Surromomma & Mommy to be!

2 thoughts on “It’s a….

  1. God bless your family! I am so touched by your story
    ..it hits home in more ways than one! I am adopted as my parents were unable to conceive. I found my birthparents at 18 and have had an emotional rollercoaster with that. I also have two friends one just suffered a miscarriage and one that is struggling with fertility issues. I can feel all of their pain and yours while having guilt at thethe same timetime as I hold my son. You see…my son’s name is William (after my husband’s deceased grandfather) but we call him Liam :)I

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