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Just a rant.

It’s 1:30 am and I’m looking for something on tv (I can’t sleep, surprise!). The first 3 channels I always go to:

E! – Kourtney Kardashian having an ultrasound and discussing birthing options.

MTV – Snooki having an ultrasound,
discussing what her baby is doing in her womb.
VH1 – some “real house wife” in a fertility clinic meeting about going through egg retrieval and cryofreezing (preservation).

……really??! Sweet dreams to me! Some days are just “those days”.

One thought on “Really?!

  1. I know exactly how you feel!!! I lost my little girl a little over 3 months ago. She was born still at 38 weeks. Since then it seems as though EVERYONE is pregnant and all anyone can talk about on TV is babies! It’s exhausting!

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