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Day 3 and feelin’…


Day 3 and feelin’ free!

I know this is going to come back to bite me, but I felt so great today. On this glorious day, I felt happy and healthy and mentally clear. I haven’t felt that way in over 6 months! I am assuming given the logic behind the hormone therapy I’m on (Lupron and BC pills), that I am plateauing hormonally. I know my hormones were raging before, from the BC pills, but now the Lupron is bringing all those levels down (see my previous blog explaining the hormone/retrieval process). This would explain why suddenly I’m not cranky, exhausted, and starving every hour of the day. Knowing a little about what is ahead, these levels are going to continue to decrease (I have provided a visual, below) especially after I go off of the BC pill on Thursday.

Enough explanations, I’m so excited for my ultrasound next week to confirm that I can start the “ovary revver-uppers”! Because from there, it’s only a matter of days until the doctors retrieve my eggs. This is crazy, we might be pregnant in a month!! And yes, I am going to refer to it as “we’re pregnant”, rather than “my cousin is my gestational carrier after a tragic medical emergency rendered me uterus-less”. Technically, she’ll be pregnant for us, so collectively all parties involved are included in the “we’re” part.

Now for the beating-around-the-bush-announcement (pre-announcement); we have decided that once we find out we are (or, are not) expecting, we are not going to make an announcement either way. In other words, we are not going to tell either way, until we feel safe doing so. If Kristen is successfully impregnated, we will want to wait a few months (understandably, right?) before we make the exciting announcement; on the other hand, if something goes wrong, we will need those same months to heal mentally and emotionally. Not to sound glass-half-empty, we are just “realists” preparing for both good and bad. Plus, we figure the anticipation will drive everyone to really hone in on our website/facebook/blog to find out when we will tell the world!

Thanks for all of the continued prayers, messages, well wishes, offers for help, etc. We are so proud of the progress we have made personally and with the foundation, and it’s all because of our family, friends, community and media presence.

And don’t worry, I’ll still be documenting through the “quiet months”; I’ll post them all once we make our announcement!

2 thoughts on “Day 3 and feelin’…

  1. hi! i came across your site, and glad i found it! i’m a little bit behind you but am starting my first IVF! i’m starting my bc pills tomorrow. excited to read about your journey!

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