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Baby Steps – Explained

Last week was the annual Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Unfortunately I was not able to attend this year, but thanks to the amazing ladies on my oil team Facebook page, lots of information was shared.

As I’ve shared in my first few Baby Steps blog posts, the transition to a chemical free home is my passion. When I saw this slide show posted, I immediately saved each and every slide to share with you via my blog. It’s a wonderful (and condensed) version of what my Baby Steps posts are working towards. As a visual learner myself, I feel that sometimes seeing the products along with the information helps to build an understanding of what the ultimate goal is.

So, I’ll let the slides (along with a few captions) speak for themselves.

Because of new farming practices (including chemical pesticides, genetically modified plants, and poor soil conditioning), our fruits and vegetables aren’t offering the same nutrition they once did. 

Thanks to the amount of chemicals in our homes every day, here are some statistics about conditions that have increased in numbers. 

Think about this – everything we use in our home becomes part of the air we breathe. Candles, fragrance, cleaners, sprays, cooking utensils, etc! 

Newborn umbilical cord blood should be 100% pure from any and all toxins. Unfortunately, most are not. 

What do you clean your children’s toys with? Although bleach-baths are popular for non electronic toys, did you know the chemicals in the bleach stay on those toys and then, subsequently, in your child’s body? 

It takes baby steps! 

Soaps that claim to be “antibacterial” aren’t always the best to use. Nature has provided us with plant based substances that are equally as cleansing (and non toxic). 

This is so important!! 

A big thanks to the FDA – (sarcasm there). 

So when you start replacing your cleaning products, here’s where I recommend starting.

Some of the most popular cleaning oils are: 

And here’s what cleaning with peace of mind looks like! 

Replace multiple cleaners, including: Floor cleaner, window cleaner, counter cleaner, bathroom spray, toilet cleaner, laundry booster, fabric spray, dusting spray; the list goes on!

So go grab some spray bottles and get to mixing! 

You think those $2 cleaning sprays from popular grocers are worth it? Check this out. 

Thieves concentrate comes in a special plastic bottle, BPA free, which doesn’t break down and won’t leak into the cleaning solution. I recommend using glass bottles to mix your cleaning solutions in – but a BPA free bottle works, too! Thieves can be used on virtually all surfaces, but always spot-test if you’re concerned. 

Not only can you clean your home with thieves, but it also boasts personal care capabilities! 

Say goodbye to those popular “antibacterial” hand gels that smell to high heaven, and say HELLO to natural, plant based hand gels that will have people asking you – “that smells so fresh, what did you just use on your hands?” (happens to me every time!) 

You can make your own Thieves personal care products, but YL also offers ready-made for travel & on the go! 

Wouldn’t your mouth feel a whole lot cleaner if you eliminated unnecessary toxins from your routine?

Not to mention, super FRESH smelling clothes with NO chemical-guilt! 

The “dirty dozen”to look for and buy organic, when possible. 

Clean your veggies & fruits with products you can feel safe about. 

Same goes for cleaning your dishes and cookware. It’s full circle!

Plant based cleaning solutions! 

NEW for 2016!

Got a dirty tub? Stained toilet? Messy oven?? 

Clean your wood floors with what nature would appreciate… 

*All slides artistic property of Haley Jensen **All product images copyright Young Living

Enjoy – and as always, email me at for more information about Young Living and any of the fabulous oils & cleaning products they offer.

Oily Hugs!

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