Media Updates

Fabulous Fox News

Our very first news story was taped today with Morgan Fogarty from Fox News @10. The special will air tomorrow, 3/1 at 10pm and also Friday 3/2 on Fox News Rising. We talked about our tragic medical crisis, the foundation, the petition, and our hopes to soon become parents. Wouldn’t it be great if this fell into the right hands and we got Ellen or Oprah to notice us!? We can dream…and trying never hurts either!

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to sleep tonite..the thought of what this might mean for us is almost overwhelming. I want the foundation to start so badly, and the sooner we reach our goal and begin IVF, the sooner RWF will be running officially.

What better way to have our little boy live on than through having all of North Carolina saying his name! Robert William Foundation is hopefully about to be a household name.

Jake, Morgan Fogarty, and myself (along with our pups)


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