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Hello world!

Jamie and Jake Pursley
Jamie & Jake Pursley, Feb 2012

Hello family, friends & fans! We have so much going on in our lives, I thought what better way to document it all than to start a public blog. I’m a diary kind of girl, so it will take some getting use to this whole electronic format of journaling. I’m excited nonetheless, and I have quite a bit of catching up to do before I can write about the current. There will be some sad posts along the way, but our story can’t have the good without the bad. As is true for everything in life, nothing worth having is easily obtained. So the journey begins, or already has, and I hope this blog offers hope to those who believe they are hopeless.

Much love & happy reading,


10 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Jamie, I was never so shocked to see your smiling face on my TV tonight. My heart is so broken to hear the news you shared. I have always known that you would be a great Mother even when you were a BJ Duck’s girl. My love and prayers to you and Jake. Love always, Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda! What happened to us is so extremely rare, we never saw it coming. But we are strong, and doing everything now to move on the only way we know how! Please keep in touch, you can email me from our main page (on the “contact us” tab). I love you and think of you often! – Jamie

  2. Hi Mrs.Jamie I love and am very happy you are back at Acro. I will see you on Tuesday. I hope you raise enough money for your baby you will make a great mommy.

    Rylie Spencer

  3. Jamie, I just found your blog while doing research online about surrogacy and how to fund it. Our reasons for pursuing surrogacy are similar, in a way. I lost my son last year after he died in fetal surgery at 26 weeks. I was told that my future pregnancies would have an increased risk for a uterine rupture and would need to be monitored closely. 6 days before my scheduled c-section with my daughter, just 2 months ago, my uterus ruptured. My daughter survived the rupture but we had to take her off of life support 2 days later because she had no brain activity. I did not have a hysterectomy but my dr.’s are advising me to never get pregnant again because now I have an even more increased risk for another rupture putting myself and another baby at risk. I started my blog shortly after I lost my son and still writing on it today both about the loss of my babies but also about my journey to baby via a gestational carrier.
    I’ll be following your journey from this point on as I also continue on with this journey as well.

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